Molecular Hydrogen can help heal COVID-19 damaged lungs

Corona Virus symptons

COVID-19 has become a much-feared virus the world over in a very short period of time. It was declared a pandemic by the WHO, and those affected can develop ARDS. Sadly some of those infected do succumb to the effects and complications of the virus. Treatment is available, and you should contact your nearest hospital or a health practitioner if you suspect that you have contracted the virus. Luckily there are things you can do at home that will also help your body heal from the damage caused by COVID-19 and also boost your immune system. From some recent feedback from patients in China, they have found Molecular Hydrogen can help improve your lung conditions after it has been damaged by the virus.

covid-19 attacking lungs

How does COVID-19 affect your lungs?

As yet researchers don’t know exactly why the virus affects some people more severely than others. For the most part, older individuals or those with underlying health issues are hit the worst, but there are also healthy and fit young to middle-aged individuals dying because of COVID-19. No doubt, a strong immune system will help fight off the virus if you are exposed.

The reason for the difference in severity from person to person can also not be exactly pinpointed. Those with mild symptoms can recover at home but there are those with severe symptoms that need to be placed on ventilators to help them breathe. Regardless of which category you fall into, you will probably have some lung damage. COVID-19 acts similarly to pneumonia in that it can severely damage your lower respiratory tract (the bronchial tubes and lungs) by causing inflammation in the lungs’ air sacs. Some of the severe infections can lead to ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), a disease in which the air sacs can fill up with fluid. The inflamed (thicker and damaged) walls of the air sacs and blood vessels in the lungs impedes the free movement of oxygen that we need in our lungs and therefore you feel short of breath, and increasingly so as the inflammation worsens and the sacs are filled with fluid.

Although the exact manner in which ARDS develops is still a bit unclear, evidence shows that oxidative stress does play an important role and during the course of the illness, the antioxidants that can manage such stress are overwhelmed. Although the long-term damage of COVID-19 is not yet known, researchers yet again compare it to the effects of pneumonia and ARDS to form some idea of what to expect. In most cases, people fully recover and have no breathing problems but in some cases scarring in the lungs can cause long-term breathing problems.

How can molecular hydrogen help?

Hydrogen is the smallest gas and can freely and safely move about in our bodies. It has been proven to be beneficial to our health in various ways. It is very hydrating, has anti-aging properties, helps manage allergies, improves cognitive abilities, boosts immunity, is anti-inflammatory, and is an antioxidant. The last two benefits of molecular hydrogen are the most important for us as it is these properties that make molecular hydrogen beneficial in the treatment of lung damage due to COVID-19 and other lung diseases like pneumonia and ARDS.

Oxidative stress and inflammation caused by COVID-19 greatly damage our lungs. Oxidative stress is a condition in which the production of free radicals far outweighs the elimination of those radicals. With an illness like COVID-19 this imbalance increases and free radicals cause even more damage and the body’s natural production of antioxidants, meant to neutralize the free radicals, is completely overwhelmed. Hydrogen is one element, that is usually created in out gut, that eliminates free radicals and keeps us healthy. We also get hydrogen through some of the food we eat. But this is not always enough and when we are faced with an illness we need extra help to heal the damage free radicals cause.

As COVID-19 runs its course and wreaks havoc on your lungs it increases the free radicals there, and so increases the inflammation in the lungs. Adding extra hydrogen to your body can be essential to fight off the effects of the virus.  If there is lasting inflammatory damage to your lungs after you have healed from the initial disease, molecular hydrogen can also help in treating this damage and ensure that you have no lasting respiratory difficulties. Luckily we have some options when it comes to adding molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen can be directly delivered to the lungs by professionally administering it through an inhalation treatment. Hydrogen inhalation therapy has been proven to reduce the hydroxyl radical, one of the strongest oxidants that cause serious oxidative stress. As hydrogen can freely and easily travel throughout the body once it has been inhaled, it can reduces damage done to many organs including the lungs, brain, heart, liver and kidneys. Molecular hydrogen can also be administered through a saline drip enriched with hydrogen. You can also add it easily at home by dropping a hydrogen tablet into your glass of water, better yet, you can invest in a hydrogen water generator.

These generators will not only provide drinkable hydrogenated water but it can also provide you with sanitizing water that can be used to sanitize your hands and household surfaces to prevent the contraction of COVID-19.

Take everything into consideration

COVID-19 is not an illness to be trifled with – do not take it lightly. It has taken many lives and as yet the infection rate is still rising. You should be taking every precaution, wash and sanitize your hands, adhere to any and all restrictions placed upon you by government officials, and look after your health as well as you possibly can. Educate yourself about the symptoms and signs to look out for and if you believe you or a loved one has contracted the disease, contact your medical practitioner or go to a testing location.

With things like hydrogenated water’s sanitizing effect and molecular hydrogen freely available we can all take great leaps towards staying healthy and COVID-19 free. If you have contracted the disease, molecular hydrogen could be an excellent supplement to have at your disposal to help heal your damaged lungs. What makes the ingestion of molecular hydrogen even better is that there are little to no adverse effects as long as it is not over used.

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