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The Q-cup is designed specifically to enhance any drinkable water that you put in it. With a press of the button the water will be infused with enriched hydrogen, our bodies need to fight free radicals. The Q-cup is also easily taken anywhere so you can enjoy the best water all the time. Try the Q-cup and start enjoying a Hydrogen-rich lifestyle with Qlife today.


  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than regular water)
  • Improves nutrition absorption of supplements
  • Enhanced Anti-aging properties
  • Anti-Inflammation properties
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves brain function and memory


  • Produces up to 1200 PPB of Hydrogen
  • SPE/PEM membrane (NO Ozone or Chlorine)
  • Electrodes Disinfectant Cleaning System (EDC).
  • USB Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Turn any drinking water into hydrogen-rich water instantly.
  • High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes.

In stock

drinking q-cup is like eating vitamin c
lightwieght & easy to carry
lightweight q-cup in hand
q-cup with apple on left
q-cup benefits for your health
q-cup using spe pem membrane
q-cup charges with usb
q-cup pressure release
qlife is global

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Model: WPI-8001
Volume: 300 ml
Weight: 410gr
Dimensions: Diameter Ø63±1mm Height 206 ±3mm


Lid & Base: Food grade ABS
Flask Body: Food grade AS – BPA Free


Electrodes: Titanium + Platinum Coating
Membrane: SPE/PEM Hydrogen Enriched Ion Membrane

Hydrogen Generation

H2 Generation Time: 5 Minutes
Battery Life Per Use: Up to 20 times
Hydrogen Concentration: 800 ~ 1200 ppb (Depends on Water Quality)
ORP: -400 mV ~ -600 mV (Depends on Water Quality)
Self Cleaning Sanitizing Time: 5 Minutes

Power Information

Power Adapter: Input: AC100~240V/50~60Hz,  DC 5V/1.2A
Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 3.7V/1600mAh
Charging Time: 3.5 ~ 4.5

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10.5 × 30 cm

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  1. Phuoc Hai L. (verified owner)

    The Q-mist is perfect so I decided to give Q-cup a try. Everything is great, the self-cleaning function is what you can’t find from other brands. I strongly recommend Q-cup just because of this function. I just wish the bottle could be made from glass. Hope you improve the product soon!

  2. Christopher McLean (verified owner)

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    I’m never without my hydrogen water now absolutely amazing

  4. Napadon Henkels (verified owner)

    Great products

  5. Barbra (verified owner)

    Great product

  6. KWING LAM DESMOND KEUNG (verified owner)

    It works perfect and we really feel the water quality changed soft and tasteful after the H2 generator. I would like to order another one for my daughter.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Michelle Creed (verified owner)

    Very simple to use excellent instructions and features .extremely pleased with the product

  9. Abu Bakar (verified owner)

  10. Tania Alvarez (verified owner)

    I feel so good drinking this water. It just gives me great energy and keeps me very hydrated.

  11. Igor Z. (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Jos (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. The plastic clip covering the charging entrance could be a bit more robust.

  15. Julie Santos

    Amazing product I love it. It’s so portable and easy to use.

  16. DARA RUPA (verified owner)

  17. Kim (verified owner)

    Hydrogen water’s source of life and vitality! Q-cup has been my travel companion and am very grateful to have high energy water anywhere in the world!

  18. Sally L. (verified owner)

    Love the water.
    Everyone astounded at the chlorine odour of the discarded remains below.
    What an amazing piece of technology.

  19. Karel D. (verified owner)


  20. Fred Culver (verified owner)

    I love The Q life cup, we’ll actually I purchased the cup for my fiancé and she loves it so much I had to purchase one for me! Thank You Q life!!!!
    It’s extremely Portable and She definitely love love love it and it fits perfectly in cup holders.

  21. Emmie Seow (verified owner)

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